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Business Planning Solutions & Support (BPSS) is a South African based business concentrating on providing a service to clients encouraging them to start, or improve, their small businesses. We aim to give guidance and advice to those members of our community that wish to either study Entrepreneurship or wish to start their own small businesses.

Small business has been proven to be the building blocks on which every successful national economy has been based. The vast majority of multi-national public companies started as a small business – the business tree that grew from one person’s seed idea. If we can assist only one aspirant business idea to become a successful business in South Africa, we will have made a significant contribution to our national identity.

Based in the Hillcrest area of kwaZulu-Natal, BPSS was started in 2006 by Andrew Blaine, a man who has worked in small business since 1976. His business experience includes the disparate fields of:

  • Soldiering;
  • Farming;
  • Tourism development; and
  • Business Planning consulting.

Starting out with a need to pass on experience with a view to providing clients with the tools needed to avoid mistakes already made Andrew has developed the business further to develop programmes designed to revitalise the enthusiasm of small business owners when it tires and to provide a range of services for business ensuring they retain their original vision, adapting it to meet changing circumstances.

Our Mission is to provide small business with the tools necessary to permit their successful growth and development.

Our vision is to enhance the small business environment, thereby making a meaningful contribution to the growth and development of both small business and the society in which it operates.

Finally, our most earnestly wished ambition is to exceed our clients’ expectations. We look forward to helping you.

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