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The BPSS Programme Options

When we are approached to compile a business plan, we remind the client that we are compiling their business plan, not our business plan for their business. This means that both BPSS and the client need to contribute to the final plan. Thus we have three options that we offer our clients.

Option 1The Whole Shemozzle

In this option, BPSS:

  • guides the client through the process of estabishing the business, establishing the clients wishes and vision for the business, their likes and dislikes,¬† and as much relevant information as possible;
  • prepares a set of financial projections, based on information gained from the client which is supplemented by our own research and knowledge of the industry and business. These projections are then discussed with the client to ensure both parties are talking the same language;
  • Writes the written plan, which supports the financial projections and presents the wishes and input from the client as we understand it;
  • Discusses the plan with the client and revises it to meet the clients needs;
  • Sources potential funders for the business, which could support and assist the cient in establishing and developing their business;
  • Acts as advisor to the client when the client presents the plan to potential funders, ensuring that the funder understands the financial projections and the vision ancd intent of the client.

Once the funding is sourced, it is our hope that we can continues to guide the client through the risky initial three year period of life of the business.

Option 2 – The Plan

In this option we follow the same process as in Option 1, excluding the relationship with the client after handing over the final plan. This option best suits clients with their own financial advisor or source of funding.

Option 3 – the Helping Hand

In this option the majority of the work rests on the shoulders of the client, and BPSS acts as an advisor the whole way through.

  • After the initial interview and explanation between BPSS and the client, the client is given a questionnaire to complete;
  • On completion, the questionnaire is discussed by both parties and refined. thereafter, financial projections are drawn up by BPSS and the resulting figures passed to the clien with a template on which the business plan is to be compiled;
  • The client compiles the plan and sneds a copy to BPSS for reading and moderation/comment. The moderated plan is returned to the client and the client then finalises the plan and proceeds to seek financing.
  • BPSS remains available to offer guidance and advice, if needed.

Each of these options is offered to every client and we also offer to assist on an hourly basis to those who are further along the road to establishing their own business empire.

Enjoy your planning, it can bring so much pleasure and self assurance, even when money is in very short supply. If you need our help or advice contact us. Our desire is to assist as many budding millionaires as possible in this wonderful world of ours. Go out there and do it!


2012 and Beyond

Welcome to my World. May 2012 deliver everything you wish for yourself and most of what you never expect to receive.

At the start of the year most of us make resolutions that we immediately forget. This year let’s be a little different – make no resolution you are not determined to see to fruition. The Mayan¬† advocates state that we only have until Ddecember before the “wheels completely fall off”, so we dont have too long, assuming they are correct.

So what are your resolutions for 2012? Where do you want to go and where do you see yourself being in 12 months time?