Business Planning Advice

We offer our clients advice and guidance in the research and compilation of business plans with which clients can source funding to establish their businesses. This process is tailored to suitĀ  the needs of clients and designed to match their individual abilities and needs.


We plan, prepare and facilitate mentoring processes to meet clients’ requirements. Mentoring differs from coaching in that the purpose of mentoring is to improve and grow the business by enhancing both the operator and the business.

Simple English

Today documents need to be read and understood by people with limited experience in the matter discussed. No longer are “legalese” and convoluted English acceptable in business. We offer clients the service where we prepare and present documents, such as manuals and regulations, that are easily understood because they are presented in simple English.


Most businesses make use of a set of operational rules and processes. These have been developed by the owner or management and represent their wishes and desires . BPSS are experienced in the research, development and presentation of such manuals for clients which will ensure that the processes and procedures determined as necessary by management are available to, and easily understood by, employees. In this way, the business is better positioned to grow asĀ  management wish and define.

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